Topic: Adding a picture

Hi Guy's
Brilliant little program but I need more.
Is there a way of adding a picture to the labels produced and possibly the date?

I have a requirement for labels with the same QR code added and the date.

What I have done so far is to print the labels onto paper then scan the print, import it into publisher then add 14 copies of my QR-Code to each sheet (1 per label).
Then print the whole thing onto the label sheet.
Takes about an hour and since the labels have the date on I have to repeat the whole thing each new day.
I can manage without the date but if I can get the picture on that would be great.

Regards John

Re: Adding a picture

I'm afraid you can't add pictures and I'm unlikely to be adding that feature anytime soon.
You could at least print the labels to a PDF file and import that into Publisher?

Re: Adding a picture

Ok Thanks Greg, your suggestion is pretty much what I tried this afternoon, but it takes a long time.
Thanks anyway.
I will keep looking.
Regards John