Topic: easy label not working with new printer

happy using it for a year, but the old printer packed up. So the new one is set, and works correctly and print wirelessly.
but not with easy label.
after some wait it say printer not responding, and cancel the job
I printed few things just to make sure everything works, and only with easy label doesn't work sad
easy label detects the printer, and go ahead trying to print, but it gets to the point of printer not responding.

I uninstalled and re-installed the program, nut same problem
just doesn't print sad

help pleae guys

Re: easy label not working with new printer

Sorry to hear you're having problems printing. I assume you have the latest version 3.1.4? I have had one other report of printing issues with a Canon printer. Could you tell me the make and model of your new printer please?
When you go to print, do you get any other options in the Windows print dialog, eg as a pdf or as a Microsoft document writer? If so, do these work?

Re: easy label not working with new printer

Its me again. I had to create new account, even after changing the password twice, but nevermind.
The printer is Canon MG3650
It says “creating printing data” and thats where its stuck.
After that, just goes to time out
It was fine with the old Cannon printer sad
Its 3.14 version, yes

Yes, other printing options are there, including PDF, XPS  and fax
Also the same printer, but via USB
Via USB works, but with wireless nothing sad

Re: easy label not working with new printer

So it does work with a usb cable? Can you print a pdf? As a workaround, you could try doing that and printing the pdf (you'd have to make sure the page isn't shrunk or the size changed in any way).
I'll get on to Canon to see what they say.