Topic: Thanks for a fun musical webpage

Hi Greg!

Love it!!
If I see a scrunch (the technical name for "too many notes-Mr. Mozart") its great to type 'em in and see what you come up with!

However, I still battle with Sibelius when comes to naming chords. (amongst other Sibelius battles!.....)

I'd quite like to drop the "sus" on suspension chords, as most people are familiar with the concept and the main object of chord symbols is maximum info with minimum page clutter.
Therefore C4 instead of Csus4..
Of course, a Csus2 is actually a Gsus4/C, so just writing C2 should be enough.
For guitarists, this fits nicely into the whole C5 thing for notating a C power chord.

At one point I was writing a guitar part that was basically a quarter note C strum but contained a moving crochet line of F-E-D-E.
A lot of info for something simple.
I wanted to write C4-C3-C2-C3 for each beat!
Of course, Sibelius didn't like it and I ended up writing the actual notes and a C chord symbol for the whole bar,
but couldn't quite decide whether or not to add "Block" to let my guitarist know it was a full chord thing and not a solo line!

The joys of!!

For a bit of fun,
I notated the famous guitar chord for the James Bond Theme as E007!!
I couldn't help myself....and everyone knows (or should?!) that its an EmMaj9 (or a B over Eminor if you prefer!)

I guess we could talk forever about chord names,
so if anyone has a different, or similar opinion on all of the above, go for it!

All the best Greg, and all on the forum!!

Re: Thanks for a fun musical webpage

Thanks for that Steve - great to have some input.
Not sure about the sus thing - if C5 is just C and G, then wouldn't C4 be just C and F?
Yes it's annoying writing chords when there's just a simple moving part as you describe. The classic one is Cm, Cm maj7, Cm7, Cm6 where it would be simpler to just write the changing notes (if there's a stave, that is!).
I'm a newcomer to Sibelius so haven't checked its chord notation yet - must do that.