Topic: Google contacts stopped loading?

Hello, and thanks for a great program!

I'm having a problem with loading Google Contacts, it has worked perfectly before but when I started the program today it didn't load any contacts at all... I have tried to install the program on another computer, clear and reapply a fresh token to no avail...

Has Google changed anything that breaks the import?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Google contacts stopped loading?

Yes, me too. Google must have changed something. Will investigate.

Re: Google contacts stopped loading?

The problem has been solved. When you try to load Google Contacts, Google sends back a long access code - recently they must have made these longer and we need to allocate more storage for this.
Please check in a day or two for version 3.1.1 which should fix this.
Thanks for your patience.
Greg Chapman

Re: Google contacts stopped loading?

Excellent, many thanks for the fast support! smile