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Topic: Errors while printing from Easy Label Printer 3.0

Firstly ELP is a great and easy to use program for printing labels.

But I am getting errors while printing from it.

Here is what steps I have used to print labels:-

1. Created 10 contacts in "Contacts" Folder of windows.

2. Opened ELP and modified settings and saved them.(dimension file)

3. Loaded contacts by selecting "Load Windows contacts" from "Contacts" menu in ELP.

4. Double clicked each of the 10 contacts to load them in the below label text box.

5. Clicked on print labels. The printed page, 10 contacts and the dimension file is in the zip file as follows - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxInd … kdoaU9qNjg

Errors are underlined and a cross is marked in top left of the label which has errors. (in the above image file)
There are no such errors in the contact file or in the address typing.

Please help regarding why there are such errors in the printout.

Thank you.

Re: Errors while printing from Easy Label Printer 3.0

The issue has been solved by email conversation. I have updated the URL link in the above post which wasn't working previously.

There are horizontal and vertical limits of text in a label in ELP.

The maximum number of lines is 8(Vertical Limit), and the maximum line length is 60(Horizontal Limit). Above that there would be errors while printing or previewing.

In my case, I have put in some returns(Pressed Enter) in the Home->Street field and errors have been wiped out.

Thank you for your support StudioSoft.