Sorry to hear you're having printing problems. This isn't an issue that has come up before - Can you select 'Microsoft Print t o PDF' in the list and print it that way? Also, do you have the latest version of ELP (410)?


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I'm afraid you can't add pictures and I'm unlikely to be adding that feature anytime soon.
You could at least print the labels to a PDF file and import that into Publisher?

Thanks for that Steve - great to have some input.
Not sure about the sus thing - if C5 is just C and G, then wouldn't C4 be just C and F?
Yes it's annoying writing chords when there's just a simple moving part as you describe. The classic one is Cm, Cm maj7, Cm7, Cm6 where it would be simpler to just write the changing notes (if there's a stave, that is!).
I'm a newcomer to Sibelius so haven't checked its chord notation yet - must do that.

Here they are:

♭    ♭
♮    ♮
♯    ♯
Δ    Δ
Ø    Ø

For some reason Firefox seems to add extra space around the flat sign. Anyone know why?

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